Bill Auxier – Success and Leadership in the Healthcare Industry

Bill Auxier, Ph.D., is a contributing author to the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Masters of Success, founder of the Dynamic Leadership Academy™ and author of his award winning, best-selling new book, To Lead, Follow.

Bill helps leaders develop and understand their personal definition of leadership for greater personal and organizational success by utilizing what he has learned about leadership real world combined with what he has learned about leadership in the academic world.

Bill’s goal is to help leaders in the healthcare industry become more effective, making the journey to greater leadership effectives smoother and quicker than one could achieve on his or her own.

Coming from humble beginnings, Bill grew up in the rural Midwest, an area of high unemployment and limited economic opportunity. His family didn’t have much by the way of material things, but they had what they needed. Prior to graduating from high school, Bill was able to get a part-time job working at the local hospital as a nurse’s aide. This provided an introduction to the world of healthcare.

Nurse’s aides were assigned to patients and responsible for taking care of their basic needs like helping them out of bed to go to the bathroom, refreshing their bedside water, taking their temperature, etc. Being the only male nurse’s aide, and being in decent physical shape, Bill was often asked to help lift heavy patients, especially when they needed to use a bedpan. Bill literally started his career in healthcare at the bottom, it just happened to be someone else’s bottom! Bill went on to make a career on the industry side of healthcare in medical devices and medical services, working his way up to the C-suite when he was named CEO of a global surgical device manufacturer. Bill worked his way from the bottom to the top!

Simultaneously, while building his career, Bill continued with his education. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in business, he went on to earn a Master of Arts in Communication and a Doctorate in Leadership. The majority of authors or speakers who focus on leadership have real world experience OR they have academic experience. Bill is the rare exception that has both real world experience AND academic experience.