The Integrity Test

William Auxierblog

Do you have integrity?  It is one of top ingredients of effective leadership.  It means doing the right thing for the right reason regardless of the consequences.  Integrity and trust go hand-in-hand.  A high level of integrity yields a high level of trust and vice-versa.  Effective leaders have integrity and are constantly building their integrity as well as modeling it for others.


Don Phin, Vice-President of Strategic Business Solutions at ThinkHR, a compliance and training solutions company, has developed a simple six question test to answer the question, do you act with integrity?  The six questions are:

  1. Am I willing to say what I am thinking?
  2. Am I willing to risk being wrong?
  3. Do I want my child or someone else I love do that? If not, then why am I doing it?
  4. Does this conduct make me a better person?
  5. Am I leading by example?
  6. Am I taking one-hundred percent responsibility?

How did you answer these questions?

Next week, I will provide some suggestions on how you might bolster your integrity.