She’s a Great Leader, Always Smiling…

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Have you ever been around a person who is always positive, always smiling? When you interact with someone who’s in a good mood, a leader or otherwise, it’s contagious. Emotions are shared thru verbal and non-verbal communication. Being engaged with someone in a good mood will cause you to subconsciously begin to copy their body language, their tone of voice … Read More

Half-Empty, Half-Full, What a Crock!

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By Bill Auxier, Ph.D. I think everyone is familiar with the question “Is the glass half-empty or is the glass half-full?”  The insinuation is that those who see the glass as half-empty are negative thinkers and those who see the glass half-full are positive thinkers.  What a crock! Instead of looking at how much water versus how much air is … Read More