Building Integrity

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Last week I asked, do you have integrity?  To answer that question, I provided you with a list of six questions to help determine if you act with integrity.  This week, my focus is on ideas to build integrity. To accomplish that, I found a great resource.  Tony Simmons is the author of The Integrity Dividend:  Leading by the Power … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving! Please enjoy these words of Thanksgiving from my hero, President Abraham Lincoln. October 3, 1863 The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget thesource from … Read More

When I was a Kid…

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By Bill Auxier, Ph.D. You had a controlling mother, which explains why you freeze up around authority figures.  Your parents doted on you, that’s why you don’t concern yourself with the rules and do whatever you want.  Your parents never said you were good enough, that’s why you constantly seek approval.  Most psychologists contend that we can understand our current … Read More

Sorry I’m Late, Traffic Was Terrible!

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By Bill Auxier, Ph.D. Have you ever been late to a meeting and blamed it on the traffic?  I sure have!  I’ve blamed my tardiness on the traffic, having the wrong time in my calendar, the wrong location, difficulty finding a parking place, I lost track of time, to name a few.  The fact is, I should have departed sooner, … Read More


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By Bill Auxier, Ph.D. I was excited to share what I had just learned with the leadership team.  Market intelligence can be difficult to come by; it can also be very valuable.  I had just learned that a major competitor had a major chink in the armor that just might open the door to a large account that had never … Read More

That Won’t Work

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By Bill Auxier, Ph.D. I belong to a Facebook group made up of authors who have achieved best-seller status.  One of the purposes of the group is to help each other with new books, providing feedback on titles, sub-titles, book covers, etc.  A couple of weeks ago, a newer member of the group posted a book cover for her new … Read More

I Already Knew That

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By Bill Auxier, Ph.D. What if someone said the following to you?  “You really didn’t need to waste my time.  You think that what you just told me was something I didn’t know.  I understand what you are saying.  In fact, I agree with what you are saying, but you are mistaken that I need to hear it from you.  … Read More

No, But & However

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By Bill Auxier, Ph.D. As a young manager, I had some great mentors that taught me many lessons about leadership and management.  Charlie Johnson taught me a lesson early on that has stayed with me throughout the years, and that lesson emanates from the use of the word “but.”  Charlie taught me that when you give feedback to another, anytime … Read More

Nice Tie! (smirk)

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By Bill Auxier, Ph.D. When I wear a tie, which is quite often, I like to wear a tie with a little pizazz.  Not too much pizazz, just a little.  I definitely try to avoid boring ties.  Finding a tie with a little pizazz versus too much pizazz can be like walking a tight rope!  Too much pizazz can bring … Read More

The Joy of Finishing

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By Bill Auxier, Ph.D. Believe it or not, I have completed 5 marathons.  Yes, the kind of marathon that is 26.2 miles long.  If you looked at me, you would not think I look like a marathon runner.  In fact, you might question whether I have ever run in any marathon let alone finishing 5.  I simply don’t look like … Read More