Bill Auxier is a popular speaker on leadership in healthcare with an engaging delivery. The leadership principles that Bill addresses help leaders understand themselves better with greater clarity as to why they lead the way they lead. Leaders will be better able to evaluate others as a result of having a better foundation from which to view the world. Audience participants gain a better perception of themselves if they apply the ideas Bill introduces and understand that their perceptions about other people may need to be occasionally revised. Bill encourages his audience to think about leadership in ways not considered previously, to understand and embrace their philosophical foundations of leadership, to examine and reexamine their guiding principles and understand how to utilize a continuous learning process. All these ideas add up to more effective leadership. What would more effective leadership mean to you? What would more effective leadership mean to your organization?

Speaking topics are always customized to the audience being addressed. Some of Bill’s most popular presentations include:

  • INTRA-Personal Leadership: The First Secret to Greater Leadership Effectiveness
  • Ten Habits Holding Healthcare Leaders Back
  • Alignment
  • To Lead, Follow
  • Persuasion

To inquire about booking Bill for your next meeting, please call (813) 658-2711.

Here is a sampling of comments from one of Bill’s speaking engagements:

“Enjoyed your presentation! Thank you for making me think outside the box!”
“Great job! Thank you!”
“Great speaker! Gave me a new insight on how to look at myself and my thought process. Great workshop!”
“Great job! Love the humor mixed in!”
“Excellent speaker—very prepared.”
“Very knowledgeable presenter.”
“Excellent speaker and topic!”
“Great handout! Good job!”
“Enjoyed the speaker very much.”
Bill Auxier, Ph.D

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